I like to think of myself as a list maker, an organizer. Just about every aspect of my life has a list of priorities that I hold to a very high standard. I couldn’t imagine not having priorities or lists or things to get done. It actually floors me at the obvious lack of organization in some people lives.

There hasn’t ever really been any point in my life where my priorities haven’t been in check. I’m the oldest of three kids, so I’ve always held myself at a standard of doing everything right. Every time I did do something wrong I was more obviously aware of it compared to others and felt guilty the entire time. I’ve always been overly organized and always ahead of schedule. Even in my first job and every one after that; I made sure I was 100% involved in what I was doing.

Sure, I was just like any other teenager or kid down the road and had some moments of weakness but overall I’ve always been more responsible and acted older than I actually am, which for argumentative purposes isn’t always a compliment.

However, I don’t really know where to give my credit to. I have great parents and they raised me as well as I could have ever imagined but they never really drilled academics or extreme responsibility into my bones or anything. I felt like they were pretty fair overall. Not overly strict but did have limits. Maybe it’s just the way my brain is hard wired to be or maybe it’s because my grandma told me women can never be doctors only nurses. Who knows.

I do consider my priorities in life as an immense strength because throughout the years; I’ve been absolutely astonished at the laziness of people. I can’t believe the amount of people that downright refuse to learn and to grow both professionally and personally. That’s got to be a downright depressing way to live.

I don’t expect everyone to have as much of a perfectionist mindset as myself but I would assume that more people would be interested in increasing their brain power just a little before Alzheimer’s and dementia set in. I guess that’s what happens when we assume.

So which are you? Do you prefer to do things for yourself or rely on everyone else to get it done for you?