The Other Victims

Is it wrong that I feel worse for the Schumacher family then I do for the officer killed in the line of duty and his family? I guess, I don’t mean that I feel worse for but I feel equally as bad for? I don’t think that the officer, his family, department, and community somehow have more grief than the Schumacher’s do.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire situation is heartbreaking and I don’t mean any disrespect by saying that but think about it.. From the little the public knows, the Schumacher family (children and wife) have been victimized for years not just on this one occasion when the police were called. They’d been living with “this” for years. I guarantee you hearts were broken over and over and over for years. This whole thing is just as debilitating for them as it is for anyone else.

The little that we do know is that the shooter has a history of violence and that is only what is public record. Speaking from experiences in and around my life, I can very accurately say that every “instance” is not reported to the officials. If it would have been, this situation may have turned out totally differently but that doesn’t mean that someone’s life wouldn’t have been lost. Maybe not last week but maybe it would have been years prior after a few stints in jail and a few more reasons to be angry at the world.

I don’t know what stirred up the events that happened that night and I doubt anyone really will but I’ve been thinking a lot about the family that he left behind. I couldn’t imagine the mix of emotions that they’re facing. Not only did they lose someone that they probably loved beyond words but they are also going to have people looking at them for as long as they reside in this community.

Just because someone is a bad person or does a bad thing or makes a bad choice or kills an officer does NOT mean that the family and loved ones are the same as that person. Often the opposite is true. It is nearly impossible to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. And sometimes it’s just as confusing for the loved ones as it is for the person themselves. Some days, weeks, months are great and then some days, weeks, months are horrible. It’s a teeter totter of emotion time and time again.

I’m very relieved to hear that there seems to be more positive community response then negative towards the family of the the deceased. I think that there is some kind of looming black hole for people to open their eyes wider than just the police officer that died rather than the whole picture. Officer Moszer wasn’t the only victim that night.

There have been a handful of funds and donations areas set up for the Schumacher family. For an updated news article and information on donating to the Schumacher family, click here.

I want to mention for anyone reading this, I don’t know the family and I don’t even know what happened that night but neither do you. He may have been ill, he may not have been. He may have had a bad day at work or he may have almost gotten hit by oncoming traffic. Anything can set a person off and events can escalate quicker than we are capable of figuring out a resolution.

Prayers and healing thoughts sent to both the Schumacher and Moszer families.

You Didn’t Seen Nothing.

Does that even make sense? No it doesn’t. So why do you insist on saying it? Why do people feel it be unnecessary to use proper grammar? We live in America for Gods sake. A country that should pride itself in our ever changing, complicated language. We should know it by heart. Yet, after the required and minimum twelve years of schooling where we continuously learn the same thing year after year, still people fail to use it correctly.

I’m not perfect. I often will google the correct way to use “then, than, affect, and effect.” Sometimes I’ll use commas rather than semicolons because I prefer the sentence to be read that way. I’m aware of what I write. I proofread. Other than that, I do my damn best.

We live in a world where everything is available in seconds so why not put forth more effort into your fucking grammar? I’m not even talking the tough stuff. I’m talking about the simple shit. Capitalize your damn sentences and use punctuation. You know those little red lines under every other word? That means your words are spelled wrong, dipshit. If I could collect a penny for every grammatical error I’ve ever caught; I’d be a goddamn millionaire.

My jaw just drops when I see these kind of errors not only on social media where people publicly make themselves look like idiots but even on the professional front. In all the years [which haven’t been very many] that I’ve been working via email, I notice more and more people getting lazy with their grammar. “Cuz” is not a word. Neither is “ty.” That is supposed to mean thank you for those still stuck on it. Come on people. No wonder our nation is failing on the educational front. The Chinese may not speak perfect English but they sure as hell are proficient in their native tongue. In America, we’re still taking remedial English courses in college because we failed the Accuplacer. Yet, in England, children are learning Latin by age 10.

Try a little harder. Do a little better. Seem a little smarter.