Snap Ya Fingers, Do Ya Step.

From one female to another – I’d like to share a piece of crucial advise to you. Once it actually clicks, I think you’ll find that the road of life will be so much more worth while.

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

For the first handful of years with my significant other I had always expected this or that but never actually got it. I wasn’t being needy and half of the time didn’t even verbalize what I wanted but for some reason the chemistry in our pink filtered, man crazy fogged brains always expects something or another. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships either, it can really be applied to anything but for the case of this article..well, you know.


It seems so obvious doesn’t it? For our entire lives we’ve been told that men can’t read our minds so we need to be very clear and literal with what we want or need. And even when you are, you still shouldn’t expect anything. Men are a different species all together. Sometimes they’ll tune in and sometimes they’ll be bicycling through the rings of Saturn. We’ll never know. They remember things that have no meaning [to us anyways] but they can’t remember your best friends cousins girlfriends name? I mean come on, right?

Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend lights up my little world of a life that I’m in but I have recently recognized that over the last few years since our meeting that I unrealistically had anticipated things that I let determine if I’d be happy that day or not. Lets end the cycle, ladies. I applaud the women out there that this post doesn’t apply to. The women that have always marched to the beat of their own drum. We look up to you! There are others, myself included, that for some reason had determined my day based on what he was doing or what he was in the mood for. That’s a bunch of bullshit isn’t it?

I’ve never been restricted to do anything, thank the Lord. But I do pity those that are. My partner has always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do but my brain and heart had been in cloud 9 for so long that I forgot how to live my own life. I’d plan to hang out with so and so and expected he’d be up for it but wasn’t. So I bailed. I got my hopes up time and time again. Why didn’t I just do my own thing once in awhile? I can’t rewind time but I can trust in myself to be up for anything at any time. I can never get my hopes up if I count on myself in certain areas of my life.

I encourage anyone that has ever regulated their lives for the sake of someone else to jump out of your comfort zone. Do what you want. Go on and continue to pursue the loving relationship that you’re in but be yourself before you become boring. Explore your own interests and make your own friends. You’ll need these things throughout your life. There’s a pretty high chance that we won’t live the life we want to live if we continue to count on others 100% of the time.

Trust in love and trust in growth but never ever sacrifice the best moments in your life because someone got your hopes up.