Meet Raven.

I’d been casually looking at vehicles for the last few months. I had negotiated prices a few times and was this close to purchasing at least three times. But something always got the best of me, my conscience. Fast-forward another couple of weeks when I got the “I want to trade-in my vehicle” bug again; I started looking around for the zillionth time. I’ll cut this story short and just jump ahead to the exciting part. I decided on a 2014 Toyota RAV-4 and… I. Love. It!

With that being said; meet Raven. (Name coined by my one and only S.O.)

I was able to rid my negative equity with my sweet negotiation skills (I like to think that’s what helped me anyway), put a minimal amount down, and drove home with my color of choice.

About 2 years ago, I totaled a car that I’d had since high school in what I consider a freak accident. My dad was able to loan me his truck after my wreck but it really blew having to fill it up and rely on someone else’s vehicle to get around so last time I car shopped, I did it quickly. Ultimately, I ended up with a vehicle that I didn’t love. Through hard work and determination, I was able to change a situation that I didn’t like.