House Hunting Happenings

Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA lately. I have a few posts that I have sitting in my drafts waiting for me to finish. They are the type that I feel need time and effort put into them and I just haven’t had that laying around lately!

We’ve started looking at houses in the Bemidji area. It’s not an easy task, I can tell you that much. I don’t know if we’ll ever feel that we have all the information that we need to own a house. It’s like this whole world of grown-up-ness that you have to jump into without knowing how to swim.

Millions of people do it, I’m sure we can handle it. It’s scary though; mortgage, escrow, down payment, house inspector, wood stove….the list goes on. My dad thinks I’m too picky, he’s probably right. For the first few weeks, if I saw a baseboard heating register or a wood stove – NEXT! And for (in my opinion) completely sane reasons. First, I do NOT want any critters, rodents, or snakes for heavens sake to come through a register. (Yes, it’s happened and yes to me.) And second, I’ll probably somehow blow my house up or set it on fire if I have to rely on an actual fire in my house. Thanks for that, mom.

I’m trying to keep an open mind though. I know that with regular maintenance and actually taking care of and knowing the house that you live in, horrible circumstances should be far and few in between. Channing and I are ready to own a home though. Apartment living got old the second we signed our first lease years ago. No privacy, no creativity. I’m tired of white walls and not being able to have a pet or a yard to lounge around in. I want something to call my own and I can “screw it up” any way that I want!

We’ve looked at a few the last couple weeks and they’ve been alright but nothing that makes us want to jump on it right away. We have time though. Our lease isn’t up until the end of October so if all goes according to plan we can figure something out by that time. Hopefully not too much sooner because we (being unestablished beings) couldn’t possibly afford a mortgage payment and rent. Right?

I downloaded a few realtor apps including one called Zillow. Whenever there is a new listing, I get a notification. 21st inventions are cool. Am I right? Anyway, check out this link and let me know what you think. When I saw it, I was like “perfect!” It was one of those “this is it” moments. We’ll be looking at it tomorrow and sometimes photos are deceiving but based on the provided information, it’s the closest to what we’re looking for in comparison to others we’ve researched that are in our budget.

Stay tuned..

Forget Me Not.

My completely random thought of the day occurred on the way back to work from a relaxing lunch break listening to the best of the best Afilio hits. I’m no scientist, never will be and I actually hope that extensive research has already been done but here it goes:

Alzheimer’s and/or dementia is one of those silly things that I fear. There are so many things in this world to ultimately die from or some disease to get..heart disease, ALS, tumors, cancer, etcetera. But what could be worse than literally losing your mind? Losing the memories. Losing the ability to function day to day. How to dress yourself or know who your children are. It’s absolutely debilitating.

My great grandma had Alzheimer’s. Now, I don’t know if that’s what she actually died from, I was young. But I do remember her before the onset of the disease. I don’t know when it started, I don’t even know how old I was when she died but I remember her remembering me. I remember the buttered saltine crackers she gave us every time we came over. I remember her showing us the secret hiding caves in the upstairs bedroom. I remember her clothes and her cookies.

I didn’t think about it then or even in the years since she died..about why or how she died. Recently, I’ve been thinking about memory loss because it scares me. Is it hereditary? I’m almost afraid to do the research on it but I will. There are moments where I don’t know what I want to say so I say something else instead. It doesn’t happen often, really it seems to only happen when I’m at home. The other day I asked my boyfriend to get me some ice cream and ketchup when really I meant ice cream and a spoon. Why did I say ketchup? There was no ketchup in sight. Does my brain turn it’s dial down when the door to the apartment unlocks at precisely 5:17 each week day? My boyfriend calls me out on it whenever it does happen but what’s the matter with me? Is it concerning or is my brain just not trying hard enough when I’m lounging on the couch? I know what I want to say but my voice doesn’t seem to be connected to my brain.

I kind of got into a rant there. What I’m wondering is if the science world has asked about music in relation to memory loss. I’m sure they have. They had to have, right? As I said, I was listening to “Enjoy” by Afilio on my way back to work this afternoon. As soon as that track came on it immediately brought me to the street you turn by Domino’s Pizza in Bemidji. I flashed back to the lost search for the hilly road where the concert was. It was held in some dudes garage. I remembered the damp grass and the gravel driveway. Where we parked, who we were with. I remember standing two feet away from Rob Matrious. I remember it all.

Listening to “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” by Eminem brings me back to sitting in the front seat of the car with my mom and Nick. It was in Warroad by the beach. And she told us that we better never EVER talk to her or treat her that way. That way that Mr. Mathers talked about his mom. I remember when I first heard “Without Me” at my aunt Angie’s when she had that office/scrapbooking/reading room. There was a door leading out to the backyard and the river.

Hearing the Marilyn Monroe version of “Happy Birthday” brings me back to the earliest memories of my uncle Troy singing it to me in person. For years, he’s called me on the phone. For years!  But before that, when I was in young, it was in person. Maybe it was only once, I don’t know. But I remember it.

Music brings me back. I couldn’t imagine hearing a song from the past and not connecting it to something. Even the most absurd of songs; “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot,” it brings me back to the Roseau lunch room. Kristi, Alyssa, and I were sitting at a round table in the middle of the room and Kristi would recite the song word for word. She was wearing one of those velour t-shirts when they were cool.

Everything, everything can be brought back by a song, a lyric, or a beat. Can’t it?

We Are Pioneers.


Did I mention that Channing and I went to a concert on Sunday? The Band Perry? Must have slipped my mind. I’m not busy or anything. Did you sense the sarcasm? Probably not since we’re all sucked into our computers. Normal human emotion will be nonexistent in 30 years. Maybe less, but who’s counting down the days?

It almost makes me worry about starting a family with the speed of the growing digital age. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be a mother. I’m slowly accepting the fact that maybe I need to live a little more and dive into a greater chunk of life experiences before finally settling down and popping out some sweet babies but don’t you ever think about it?

When I was 12, I had a crush or two. We’d giggle and gawk over the boys in the halls. We’d act as immature as ever and still make snow forts during recess. Hell, we still had recess. Now, the couple 12 year olds that I’ve come across are glued to their phones just like us 20-somethings. Do they even have recess anymore? Do they know what Double-Dutch is?

I had my first boyfriend when I was in 8th grade and go figure that only lasted a month. It wasn’t even a comfortable relationship. Even at that age, I knew it didn’t feel right and I wasn’t “old” enough. Let the kids grow up and stop throwing around the word love so much. Where did this nonchalant dating thing come from? I bet it was Snapchat.

But how can we slow down kids acting older than they are? If we’re truly being honest with ourselves; a kid without a phone these days would be an outcast. It wouldn’t be the equivalent of me getting the four stripped sneakers from Pamida instead of the Adidas that were in style. It would be catastrophic. “No phone? But I’m 12, you can’t do that!” I can just hear it now. Poor parents.

It doesn’t even begin there. We went to Olive Garden for dinner tonight and a little girl – she couldn’t have been anymore than a year and a half – was sitting in her high chair holding, who I’m assuming is her father, his smartphone watching some cartoon. Really, guy? Really? Before you jump off the deep end, trust me, I’ll probably be that same guy I’m complaining about when we finally get ready to have babies but it’s just crazy to think that kids are so much “older” at the same age that we think they should be.

The biggest benefit in this is hoping on the future that the introduction to all these gadgets and advancement at an early age will increase brain activity and produce a more intelligent generation but what else will it bring? Social disfunction? Of course it will. Being a 20-something now, I’ve already been exposed to the digital age at the slow pace from about age 11 to present time but that was one thing after another, we had time to balance real life with the outside world floating in thin air. Now it’s right there, it’s the first thing parents jump to to keep the kids quiet. It’s the first thing dad shoves in your face when you’re being noisy at supper. It’s the first bribe your given when you won’t clean your room.

Is there really a right way to do it anymore? Who knows. I could only hope that we as a generation don’t forget to teach our open hearted children to be kids. Teach them to live and to explore. Teach them to communicate not just to talk. Teach them to grow.  Good luck, we’ll need it.