What’s on your mind?

I’m feeling like I have a (hopefully short term) writers block. I’ve been going on short Twitter spurts but nothing too exciting. Well, maybe they are. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

1. I ‘Ate My Life: I know I’ve mentioned it already like 5 times but this is my newest venture and I’m already stru-strugglin’. The more people that follow me on this LONG journey, the better. More people to follow up with and prove that I can in fact, do this! Check out I ‘Ate My Life here.

2. Cecil the Lion: Okay so I agree that big game hunting with no intention of using the meat for food and only for trophy is stupid; I don’t really care about a lion that I’d never heard of. Everyone and their brother seems to be overly distraught. But let’s be honest, were you really into Cecil until yesterday when you heard of him? No, probably not. Hunting just for the thrill is annoying but so are people who pretend to care about things that they see on GMA. In case you’ve been out of the loop, here’s an article from ABC: Cecil the Lion

3. Pro-Life: I’m pro-life and not for the reasons you think. I understand that there are extreme situations where you’d seriously and morally have a scary and life altering decision to make. These cases usually revolve around rape or health dangers for the mother. In situations like that, I really feel that I can’t have an opinion because I’ve never been and hopefully never will be in that situation. I respect that in extreme situations, certain measures may have to be taken. However, most abortions are not the result of rape or health. What I don’t believe in or respect is the large percentage of girls and women who made a mistake and don’t want to deal with the consequence. I just can’t. Being a woman who wants children and wants a family, I can’t support something that will allow woman to willfully kill a baby. I’m not ignorant, I do know that there is a lot more to it than that. But in the most basic form of the topic, I’m pro-life. U.S. Abortion Statistics

4. Annoying People: I’m really tired of irritating and annoying people. Do they realize that they are annoying?

  • Exhibit A – Women who can’t walk in heels but do anyway. Why? You look stupid all wobbly and shit. And by the way, why are wedges coming back? They looked stupid in the 90’s and they look just as bad now. Maybe it’s because people can’t walk in them?
  • Exhibit B – Bicyclists on the road. WHY? I will hit you. You don’t have an engine or a license plate therefore you obviously don’t belong in the middle of the street. Better yet, you can’t even go the minimum 30 miles per hour. Get out of my way.
  • Exhibit C – Old people that don’t understand instant messaging. It’s INSTANT. If you sent it to me, I got it. It even has a “seen” option, it’s so advanced. Believe me, I got it. No need to check up on me to see if I got it. I. GOT. IT.

5. theSkimm: After designing newsletters at a former job, I realized that I love newsletters. Duh. They are short, sweet, and straight to the point. And being new to the Fargo area I’ve become a pro at signing up for newsletters. Anyway, I get my “world news” from theSkimm. It’s written in my millennial lingo, makes me laugh (sometimes) and gives me what I need to know in case some world news weirdo wants to chat. Sign up for a daily newsletter here: theSkimm

That’s about it I suppose. What’s on your mind this week?