Everyone Sees Things Differently.

I got a little sidetracked last night. After work, I had two choices. I could either wait around until Channing got done with work – maybe sit in my car, mosey around a store or two. OR. I could go home, sit on my butt, and watch three shows on my DVR. Instead of either, I took a little drive outside of town. The only time I really go out of the city, is because I’m going home to visit my parents or on the interstate of see my brother, Nick.

So I tried something different. I headed on 32nd and just kept going. I’d never gone in that direction any further than the Flying J so it was pretty fun. Who would have thought that only five miles past the interstate; you’d hit the beautiful flat plains of the North Dakotan country land. I wanted to chase the sun. It was beautiful out, we reached 33 degrees yesterday. The sun was big and bright. The sky was blue. Real beauty. As I just kept driving, I was reminded of the peaceful feeling of nothing around.

I should have brought my camera because some of the views were just breathtaking. Check out my favorite versions below. I plan on doing this again soon with my actual camera and more time to spare. Enjoy.