The Seahawks Won.

I’m sitting in the living room filled with the hoo-rahs of the Super Bowl on the turned up sound bar. Channing’s been talking to the TV for hours and I have just surrounded myself in a little bubble. I typed up my previous post a couple days ago, edited it and posted it today. So this one might be a little off from the other. It is what it is though.


Anyways, sitting here, semi-listening to what Channing’s been blabbing about in football speak for some reason is calming. He’s such a goof sometimes but he really does complete me. I know it sounds cheesy but until you find that in life you probably don’t have any idea what I mean. We sometimes drive each other nuts but it’d be difficult to imagine my life without him.

Last weekend, I summarized my week of events. This week nothing too exciting actually happened. I was busier than I usually am on the work front so most anything that I accomplished was talking about my future, our future, with each other. My other half has made some pretty big strides in the last seven days and has been offered a great opportunity. It’s still a work in progress but things are finally looking up for him after a long stressful two years of constant let downs.

Happy February everyone!