What Did We Do Before Smartphones?

That’s easy. We lived a little more and cared a little less. We might not have appreciated the finer things but looking back, I wish we would have.

So I know that one of my goals was to blog every day and I have been except for yesterday. On Saturday, I saw that two different people were taking a hiatus from social media for an entire month. Holy shit, right? An entire month! I don’t know if I’m mentally able to do that quite yet but I thought it’d be interesting to stay disconnected for one day and I did.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be but sadly it wasn’t easy. My boyfriend and I went and did a few things around town and I kept busy. I window shopped and walked around. We came back home and I did a little crafting and crocheting. Caught up on my TV shows and such. But after all of that, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner; I was bored.

I didn’t want to crochet any longer and was waiting for some of my other projects to dry. I was all caught up on TV and had nothing to do. So, I started reading a new book. Well, a book I’ve had but have been putting aside kind of new.

This is exactly why I made goals rather than resolutions because I wanted to feel like I was doing things that I could reach for. If I wouldn’t have banned myself from the computer for a day; I wouldn’t have picked up a book. See what I’m saying?

Now, I still can’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed keeping my phone at a distance but it did open my eyes to little things I’m missing. I picked it up a few times but quickly clenched my jaw and set it back down. I found myself being more engaged in conversation with my boyfriend and when I saw something cool on the street or the store I marveled at it instead of snapping a picture, uploading to Insta and moving on.
To anyone reading this, what are you going to challenge yourself to do or not do this week? Whatever you try or don’t try; good luck. You’ll need it!