If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All.

Can you be both opinionated and nice? I mean if your opinions really drastically differ from someone else’s? That’s a tough one. Courtesy of the bountiful world we live in, everyone at some point or another develops opinions on a variety of topics. They can range from a spearheaded political standpoint to which make and model is the best vehicle to drive. Some mean more to you than the next.

Is there a way to levy out your true feelings about one topic or another and still be perceived as the kind soul that you know you are without sacrificing your own personal opinions and beliefs? I suppose if you keep your mouth shut at all costs and just decide to be a human form of Switzerland, sure. But what if you have something to say? Usually a differing opinion causes often unwanted attention, well for me anyways. I believe and hold true to quite a few things. I know when to speak up and when to keep quiet but what about the moments when you’re just in casual conversation and something pops out? It doesn’t seem like much until you hear the other persons point of view, which I respect by the way.

Maybe that’s the key. Maybe having the ability to respect another opinion is the only key to being both kind and opinionated. I’m sure each person feels differently depending on the situation but I personally, never seek out to hurt someones feelings or viewpoints. Of course each side usually offers up their own explanation trying to help another side understand where they are coming from and I think it’s important to listen to what they say weather or not you agree or not but it often causes an uncomfortable tension.

I have a few stances in which I will never budge from no matter what anyone will tell me. Some of them are argue-worthy and some are not. Some are just “nope, that’s not how I think, sorry.”

So what do you think? Have your opinions ever resulted in a lost friendship or an unwanted grudge? Are you open to hearing their side of the story or is it your way or the highway? Let’s here it!