Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

There have been more times in my life than I like to admit that I have been ignorant and probably even cruel. There is no justifying it but thankfully most of those times have been about people in discussion with those that I trust as confidants. I have very rarely called someone out and made them feel less than.

I’m writing this today because I’ve too often been the minority in a topic that I care deeply about: Marriage Equality. Actually equality in general whether or not a LBGT individual chooses to or wants to marry is besides the point – equality in general. Being treated fairly and justly based on who a person is rather than who that person is attracted to.

Some might think that Channing is unattractive with his facial hair, is a little too pudgy for their liking, or just because he has a penis but I would hope that based on my attractiveness towards him that people wouldn’t judge me because I think he is handsome and just right.

red-equal-signs-marriage-equalityjpg-0fababd8b362bf7cI would expect someone to judge me on my character, my personality, my words, missions, emotions. That’s how I gauge how a person is. I don’t decide if I like you based on who you’re sleeping with. I decide if I like you based on YOU. Hate me for my personality flaws not for the person I love. Am I right?

Although I really do believe that equality based on sexual preference is becoming the norm and is becoming less of an issue than it should be – there are still way way WAY too many ignorant people in this world focused on that topic.

Not watching “The Fosters” because it’s that show with “those two disgusting gay women?” Have you seen the show? Yes, two [beautiful and in no way disgusting] women are married on the show but that is not the focus of the program. It is about a family with open arms welcoming children into their family. It is about forgiving, strength, and love no matter who or what you are.

Referring to someone as “my gay neighbor” is just as ignorant as the before statement. Being gay, straight, transgender, bi, whatever – it’s part of who we are. A piece of our lives. But it isn’t solely who we are are human beings. We are all brothers, sisters, children. We are all doctors, screen writers, business owners. We are all just as loving, just as kind, just as human as anyone else so why is it even an issue if someone is gay or not?

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